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Jump height measurements are widely used in sports but often with bulky instruments.


KineJump automates the process with a device that you can take into the field in your pocket. With KineJump e.g. weakness and asymmetry can be disclosed.

Bring your clinic to the field in your pocket.


System Capabilities

KineJump can measure many different types of jumps which makes it exceptionally versatile for various parameters including explosive power, endurance, symmetry, and more.

made easy

In fact, all jump measurements are very easy with KineJump – only one sensor on the Pelvic area and you are ready to go! No time is wasted on time consuming and complex preparation!

In KineJump you see technology at its best – so much gained with so little effort!

Jump Modes

Single Jump

The “Single Jump” is the simple way to measure explosive power in the legs and it has been shown in several studies that jump height has a strong correlation to performance. Not surprisingly the vertical jump is one of the more common measurements practiced in the sports field.


While "Single Jump" is measuring explosive power, repeated "Single Jump" measures endurance and power output.

Extra features

Jump Types

The rate of force production is the ability of the neuro-muscular system to activate a large number of motor units in as short a time as possible. This can be measured with the “Squat Jump”.

Power is generated by the work of the motor units, but it is also the ability of the individual to use it's elastic force in the non-contractile components of the system. The elastic force is created by the stretch-shortening cycle and this can be measured with the “Counter Movement Jump”.

KineJump can measure both "Squat Jump" and "Counter Movement Jump" and by this it can discriminate between leg strength and jump strategy.

Jump Side

Typically jump is measured on both legs but single leg jump can be used to measure possible functional difference between the subjects/clients sides.

Extra load

By adding extra load, endurance test can measure the increased total output of the jump. This increased load is important for e.g. weakness detection. 

Proven performance

Scientific article shows that KineJump is as accurate as any of the traditionally used methods (jump bar or jump mat) – and it fits in a pocket. KineJump Article

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