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KineLive Usage

We are eager to see you utilize KineLive to the fullest and join a group of ambitious clinicians that use objective methods for better results. This page is for you to get inspired and learn more about KineLive, therefore it contains use cases, instruction videos, success stories and other supportive material.

Kine Live EMG Usage

Use Cases

Detect inactive muscle

By instructing your client a known exercise and monitoring the EMG signal you can detect if a muscle is not participating in the motion or if it is weak.

Detect a hyperactive muscle

In some cases one muscle has taken over another muscles role. With KineLive you can see if a specific muscle is hyper active.

Bad timing

In some cases muscles can be strong enough but just turn on at a wrong time – either too soon or too late. You can get a quick feedback on the muscle timing with KineLive.

Muscle imbalance

Muscle imbalance is a complex problem where several muscles have got out of their usual pattern. These problems can become chronic and difficult to cure. Here KineLive comes in with its fullest strength. With KineLive you can record and compare multiple muscles at the time to register, analyze and correct movement patterns.



Success Stories

We have a lot of examples from our customers of persons that had stagnated in regular physiotherapy and got better by using the Kine equipment. We are proud of these stories – and really this is what keeps us going.

Here are a few of them.

Back Pain

A customer had  been attending the same physiotherapy clinic for a decade getting treatment for lower back pain. The effect of the therapy did not last long so the customer had to return with regular intervals.

Also pain killer medicine where involved.

After two weeks of intervention with the Kine equipment the customer was free of pain and medicine.

Knee pain in running

A track-and-field female had run for several years when she got an injury. The physiotherapy was not giving good results and her running style was bad for about a year. After one session with the Kine equipment the running style was fixed and she has now run for 2 years with good results.

Handball player and shoulder

A handball player got an injury and had an operation. After 6 months of physiotherapy and 9 months since the incident, the player could not lift the arms higher than level without pain in the shoulder.

After one week of training with the Kine equipment he was able to lift the arms all the way to vertical position without pain.

Hiker with knee pain

A female hiker worried about her knee pain when planning a 3-day hike. The pain came mainly when walking down slope. By fine-tuning targeted knee exercises using the Kine equipment she strengthened her muscles and managed the hike in good condition.

Problem after knee operation

After a knee operation a customer had problems activating his vastus medialis. He contacted several physiotherapists but he was not able to activate the muscle and the pain was almost as severe as before the operation. With the Kine equipment he managed to activate the muscle and get rid of the pain


These stories could sound as magic, but the explanation is really simple. With the Kine equipment the clinician can better see the problem and his customer understands better what he is supposed to do while exercising.

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